What We Do


Our sewer projects range from the installation of one single service to installation of miles of main up to 12″ pvc. Some of our systems include the installation of large sewer lift stations, sand oil vaults and drop manholes. Some of our clients special needs have required us to preform


JBM preforms storm drain projects that include pipe sizes from 6″ through 10’x20′ double barrel RCB (Reinforced Concrete Box) and all in between. We have installed these systems to depths past 25′ in all types of soil.


Our water projects include some that require miles of new main line up to 24″ PVC or DIP to be installed, rework of existing infrastructure or the installation of domestic or fire taps to provide service to your project. As well, we have rebuilt and installed large meter structures and


Our projects have required us to install a single secondary service, miles of primary conduit banks with structures of all sizes, or preform specialized installation on congested down town Las Vegas. We also assist our clients by installing their communication conduit needs such as fiber, phone and interconnect for large